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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Vinnare av Queen's Award
2013 & 2018
Tiffany Rose Maternity
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Vi får en massa fantastisk feedback från våra kunder och vi vill dela med oss av den till dig.

I had an amazing experience with my purchase. I got a wonderful dress for an affordable price and lots of compliments after all. Would like to thank the assistant who I texted before the purchase and she guided me with the size chart. The dispatch and delivery were quick and comfortable. And I tried my dress and it was perfect for me. I ordered 3 weeks before the wedding so the size hasn't changed dramatically and it didn't look tight on me. So I felt very comfortable. Would like to mention that the materials are also nice and comfortable. The dress was so flexible and light so I didn't feel any restrictions in my movements. Even being 27 weeks pregnant I was able to dance ) I bought nice tights here also and was positively impressed with the quality. So, I highly recommend this shop's service and the quality of the products. Thank you!
Ievgeniia Dragomirova, United Kingdom - March 2024
Vintage Gravidskärp (Elfenben)
Eden Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång Elfenbensdröm
Thank you for providing a quality dress, belt and veil for my daughters wedding. They decided late in her pregnancy not to wait to get married until after the baby was born. Tiffany Rose site provided everything she needed for her bridal look. Every item arrived perfectly packaged and on time. The baby came a month early (a week before wedding) which postponed the wedding another 6 weeks. They were married yesterday on a perfect spring day, dockside at the marina with baby in tow.
Linda Hendrix, USA - March 2024
Edith Kimono Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Superb customer service Marie! Quick delivery from UK to US, about 3 days! Quick returns and refunds too!
Marilou Calma, - March 2024
Absolutely lovely, exactly as it says on the website and very quick delivery.
Sophie Norman, United Kingdom - March 2024
Nicola Lace Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång Elfenben
I ordered some clothes to Sweden for my niece's birthday. The clothes are beautiful and of qood quality, delivery was quick. So, very pleased with the experience!
Vera Petrovic Skön, Sweden - March 2024
Beautiful dress brought for my heavily pregnant daughter who decided one day she wanted to get married before her baby is born. Elegant and she said very comfortable
Samantha Turner, United Kingdom - February 2024
Nicola Lace Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång Elfenben
This dress fits beautifully and is so comfortable to wear! The only tailoring I need to do is hem the dress to fit my heels. The bottom layer is jersey, but looks chic beneath the lace--a perfect style for my daytime wedding on the water.
Angelin Adams, USA - February 2024
Verona Gravid Bröllopsklänning Ivory White
Beautiful dress, fits perfectly and it’s a nice heavy material. There’s no zip at the back so keep that in mind - be careful with make up stains when you’re getting ready! I am normally a size 6, will be on my 30th week of pregnancy when I wear it, and I ordered the size 6-8. The shopping experience was so so good. I’d like to thank Marie especially in helping me with my order - I accidentally ordered to the wrong address and was about to be out of the country for 3 weeks, yet Marie managed to fix the address within hours and get the dress delivered to me the next day so I could try it on with enough time to return it if needed. Thank you, Tiffany Rose!
Sofia Horta e Costa, United Kingdom - February 2024
Sienna Gravidklänning Kort Kräm
I bought my wedding dress from Tiffany Rose, I was hesitant to buy a maternity dress instead of just sizing up in a non maternity dress but the dress was so flattering, lovely quality and perfect for the big day!
Gabriella Costa Brown, United Kingdom - February 2024
Francesca Gravid Maxi Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Absolutely stunning and flattering dress! It hid everything I needed it to hide, was made of beautiful material (not see through at all) and was very well put together. The stretch material was easy to put on, comfortable, and flattering. 10/10 would recommend!
Laura Tatro, USA - February 2024
Sienna Gravidklänning Kort Kräm
Ordered a few dresses to see which would be most suitable. Arrived quickly and well packaged. Returned unsuitable items but it was costly as I used Royal mail parcel force. However the money was refunded quickly once the items reached Tiffany rose.
Gillian Greensmith, United Kingdom - January 2024
Faye Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenbensvit
Beautiful dress
Marion Wolfovski, France - January 2024
Alaska Gravid Silk Chiffong Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Lovely dress for my baby shower!
Daniela Farias Zorrilla, United Kingdom - January 2024
Bought a beautiful dress for my daughter who is expecting. She loves it!
May Flett, United Kingdom - January 2024
Really happy with my purchase. The dresses made me feel special during Christmas and new year. It’s so comfortable and beautiful.
Sabname Salemohamed, United Kingdom - January 2024
Gravidunderkläder Svart
I cant express how beautiful the dress was and how beautiful my daughter looked in it. The service provided was amazing and the prices were awesome. Thank you so much
Hazel James, United Kingdom - January 2024
Willow Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång Elfenben
Very nice packing and material with good finishing.
Mohammed Talib, United Kingdom - December 2023
Chloe Spets Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
The dress is stunning! Fit a little snug to the size . I recommend going a size up.
Christine Andrews, Canada - December 2023
I was so nervous if this was going to fit or not being pregnant and it fit so extremely well. I was so happy with this purchase and it fits to my growing bump. Cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day!!!
Colleen Hohenadel, USA - December 2023
Alaska Gravid Silk Chiffong Bröllopsklänning
Slät Satinbåge Lång Kräm
Excellent not only for maternity (I tried it for the first time at the very beginning of my pregnancy). Love the shape and the quality
Giovanna Quaglini, France - December 2023
Lucia Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång elfenbensvit
Dress looked exactly like it did in the photo.
Victoria Naughton, United Kingdom - December 2023
Willow Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
I had a little problem initially placing order, but after that it was a really wonderful experience. Communication was superb with Tiffany Rose. My daughter chose the dress for her baby shower. She loved it, it fit perfectly, and she looked beautiful.
ANGELA MAREK, USA - December 2023
Amelia Gravid Spetsklänning i Marinblå
Smooth Satin Sash Slim Midnattsblå
My daughter chose three of your maternity wedding dresses to give her a choice and the process was so easy! Those dresses from the UK arrived in the US in 2 days! She chose the Chloe and it just needed hemming and pulling up the shoulders a little. She was stunning today!
Carol Clyde, USA - December 2023
Chloe Spets Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Bought a cocktail dress for my daughter in law to attend her husband’s Christmas party - it is perfect in every way - feminine, fit was perfect (7mos pregnant), very classy. She loved it. Material very nice.
Barbara Huey, USA - November 2023
Mia Gravidklänning Skymning Tryffel
Smooth Satin Sash Slim Träkol
Incredibly fast shipping. Responsive when I asked about wearing the dress postpartum (easy to do with hemming the bottom). Dress looks fantastic and I get tons of compliments! Plus - pockets!
Erika Rothgeb, USA - November 2023
Aria Gravidklänning Vatten-Ombré
Ordered the Birth Candle for my Son & Daughter in law on Wednesday and arrived beautifully packaged on Friday - superb service. The candle itself smells devine and sure it will be gratefully received by all.
Susan , United Kingdom - November 2023
I absolutely loved my dress! I am six months pregnant and every other dress I tried on made me so uncomfortable. I was very impressed with how well my Tiffany Rose dress fit and how comfortable it was. It was perfect!
Samantha Pipolo, USA - November 2023
Amelia Lace Gravid Bröllopsklänning Lång (Ivory)
Slät satin skärp Lång elfenben
Robe de grossesse que j'ai porté à mon mariage. Tissu de qualité, très belle dentelle fine, envoi rapide et soigné. Je porte du 38, la taille est parfaite ! Le service après vente est bienveillant et à l'écoute car au départ je n'avais pas pris la bonne couleur, j'ai renvoyé mon article sans problème.
Magali Michta, France - November 2023
Gravidunderkläder Naken
Amelia Gravidklänning Kort Claret
Smooth Satin Sash Slim Mullbär
Excellent! Beautiful wedding dress and amazing memories! Thank you for being so easy to deal with and you made our special day more special by making my wife happy!
Rousell MacKenzie, Canada - November 2023
Isabella Mammabröllopsklänning Elfenben
Aurelia Vintage Gravid Sash Elfenben konstsilkesvansar
I recently got married and the dress so not only stunning, it was so incredibly comfortable! I received so many compliments from my guests and couldn’t have picked a better dress. I am also very tall and this dress was the perfect length too.
Lanaia Edwards, USA - November 2023
Amily Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Excellent service, a beautiful dress for my daughter's wedding.
Joyce elma Jenkin, United Kingdom - November 2023
Lucy Mamma maxi klänning Vildblomma Trädgård
Beautiful dress. The fit is absolutely perfect, so perfect I won't have to get any alterations to it! Packing was thoughtful. Delivery was quick. Communication was only as needed.
Emma Kilbride, Ireland - November 2023
Eden Gravidklänning Lång Rodna
The dress arrived at my home very quickly. Living in Uruguay, I expected a reasonable delay but I was pleasantly surprised to receive it so early. It is beautiful and of very good quality! Also, very comfortable. I am recommending the page to all my friends, it was the perfect solution and I got more than I expected. Thank you so much!
Erika Inderkum, Uruguay - November 2023
Rosie Spets Gravidsbrudklänning Elfenben
Aurelia Vintage Gravid Sash Elfenben konstsilkesvansar
Loved my maternity wedding dress! Great quality, super flattering and classy. The price was perfect. Highly recommended
Neda Rowghani, USA - November 2023
Chloe Spets Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Art Deco Sash (Elfenben)
I purchased a maternity wedding dress for my daughter. I live in the United States and the dress arrived on a Tuesday. My daughter tried to dress on Wednesday and it was too small. I am mediately went to DHL and return the dress and asked for a bigger size that Monday, the new dress arrived, and it was perfect. Your customer service was the best that I have ever encountered with any website that I’ve ever dealt with - a five day turned around was amazing. I keep telling everyone how impressed I was with the service. Also, the dress was perfect. It was made so well and it was so comfortable she kept it on all night which was amazing. Thank you so much.
Phyllis Wilson, USA - October 2023
Excellent dress and would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Maternity clothes are so hard to find and Tiffany Rose has given me so many options for a wedding outfit, so thank you! (Paired with pink jacket from Apricot- £69)
Amy Robson, United Kingdom - October 2023
Anna Gravidklänning Midnight Garden
Bought two dresses for my daughter in law Maria. They arrived in less than a week. And that's England to Australia. The dresses were perfect. Maria loves them. Really really loves them!! Just one question. Do you have any summer dresses for sale? We are going into a very hot summer here in Perth and I would love to be able to get something in a lightweight fabric for Maria to wear to work
Jane King, Australia - October 2023
Alessandra Gravidklänning Kort Midnattsträdgård
Alessandra Gravidklänning Polka Dot Marinblå Taupe
My dress is gorgeous and comfortable and arrived quickly.
Megan Wagner, USA - October 2023
Edith Kimono Gravid Bröllopsklänning Elfenben
Faux Sidenskärp Lång Elfenben
Merci beaucoup. La marchandise a bien été reçu. J'ai retourné les vêtements qui ne me convenaient pas et j'ai demandé leur remboursement. Tout a été réalisé très rapidement (y compris le remboursement). Je suis très contente du service de Tiffany Rose.
Virginie Flury, Switzerland - October 2023
Elizabeth Gravidklänning Mjuk Rosa
Amelia Kort Gravidklänning i Spets (Pärla Rouge)
After my order has passed I knew every day where my package is standing in the delivery procedure. Then I received my very nicely arranged package having inside some very kind short message cards and my amazing dress. The dress fitted perfectly on me, I can only say that I had my best online ordering experience with your service. There is nothing I can say as everything was just perfect, thank you very much. I recommend to any of your future client to buy your dresseses, they will be amazed how nice and customer focused an online ordering can be.
Mariann Gulyas, Belgium - October 2023
Noelle Gravid Bröllopsklänning Kort Elfenben
Slät satinbåge Elfenben
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