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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Gewinner des Queen’s Award
2013 & 2018
Tiffany Rose Maternity



Wir erhalten von unseren Kundinnen wunderbares Feedback und möchten ein paar Auszüge mit Ihnen teilen!

Very satisfied! Great wedding dress, it fits perfectly. Excellent service and fast delivery.
Veronica Bazzoni, Italy - February 2020
Liberty Umstands-Brautkleid (Elfenbein)
Beautiful dress! Nice quality!
Wilson Thomas, United Kingdom - February 2020
Clemence Spitzen Umstandskleid Stahlblau
Kleid Viola aus Spitze in Rosa
Satinschärpe schmal (Vintage Rose)
I loved my Tiffany Rose maternity dress that I purchased for my baby shower. I’ve already worn it twice and gotten so many compliments. I’ll be wearing it a 3rd time for another event in a few weeks. It was very long so I did have to spend another $75 USD getting it hemmed, which was bummer. Would be wonderful if Tiffany Rose had an option to get it in long or regular.
Maggie Hott, USA - February 2020
Umtands-Maxi-Kleid Kimono in schwarzer Nachtblüte
The perfect maternity dress for a wedding. Very good quality and fit. I recieved a lot of compliments. Great and quick delivery service.
Dolly Boon, Netherlands - February 2020
Umstandsetuikleid Imogen Schwarz
The dress fits perfectly (size 3), the material is very soft and drapes beautifully over my body. Neckline is gorgeous and overall the dress looks very classy. Love the color (claret)!
Natallia Stiefel, USA - February 2020
Willow Umstandskleid kurz in Pflaume
Satinschärpe schmal (Maulbeere)
Love the dress, it’s just perfect.
Urszula Shinholster, Germany - February 2020
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Along with amazing customer service, the gowns fit so well. I ordered 5 different styles and loved them all but finally decided on THE ONE! I found depending on the material determined my size as I was in between a 3 and 4, i was a size 12 pre-pregnancy.
Megan Dahl, USA - February 2020
Abigail Umstandsspitzenkleid in Elfenbein/Weiß
Beautiful quality and gorgeous dress!
Lauren Ridge, USA - February 2020
Francesca Umstands-Maxikleid Champagner
La qualité de la robe est superbe.
Isabelle Valentin, France - February 2020
Umstands-Brautkleid Lucia Lang in Elfenbein / Weiß
Robe de mariée parfaite pour le jour J en étant enceinte !!! Un grand merci 😊
Sabrina Richer, France - February 2020
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Beautifully constructed dress. I got many compliments on it on my wedding day!
Lillian Crane, United Kingdom - February 2020
Satinschärpe lang (Elfenbein)
Umstandsbrautkleid Laura lang in Elfenbein
Gown fits perfectly; pleasantly soft material, heavy enough to make it swing nicely around your legs; enough space for baby bump. A little large around the upper arms, though. Fast delivery, even to Germany. Great! Brautkleid passt perfekt; angenehm weicher Stoff, aber schwer genug, um einen tollen Schwung des Rockes zu erzeugen. Allerdings ein bisschen weit an den Oberarmen. Schnelle Lieferung, sogar nach Deutschland. Top!
Kristina Richter, Germany - February 2020
Umstands-Brautkleid Lucia Lang in Elfenbein / Weiß
Lovely dress, nice material, delivered quickly and I ordered several dresses to try a range.
Charlotte Bowman, United Kingdom - February 2020
Umstandskleid Eden kurz Dusk Blau
I purchased the Nicola lace maternity gown after ordering a selection to try. Delivery was fast and the dresses were well packaged. My only disappointment is that free returns are not offered. I ended up spending over £50 sending the dresses I didn’t want back. They also don’t come with a returns label so you have to make your own. The dress itself was really good quality and being 5ft 11” was a very good length, which was a relief. I’m not sure the length of the dresses quoted on their website is quite accurate. I’m normally a size 14 and I ordered a size 3/4 which fitted perfectly. If Tiffany Rose offered free returns I would’ve given 5 stars.
Rebecca Hoare, United Kingdom - February 2020
Art Deco Sash (Ivory)
Nicola Umstandsbrautkleid Spitze lang Elfenbein
Delivery was very fast, refund was very fast and the dress I did keep felt lovely and a got a lot of comments on it. I am 5ft6 and I wore a nice heel and the length was just off the floor. Just one issue is it is quite revealing and I found myself constantly pulling it up as I felt my chest was very much on show.
Hannah Mawby, United Kingdom - February 2020
Laura Schwangerschaftskleid Meergrün
Good quality and great size fit!
PANAGIOTA PANAGIOTAKOPOULOU, United Kingdom - February 2020
Samtschärpe (Hellrosa)
Abigail Umstandsspitzenkleid in Elfenbein/Weiß
Thank you Tiffany Rose for the lovely dress. Looks gorgeous when worn and very comfortable. Promptly delivered.
Shalini Jayasinghe, United Kingdom - February 2020
Umstandskleid Natalia kurz Floral Sparkle
I have bought my baby shower dress and few other maternity dresses from Tiffany Rose, absolutely love the quality of the material and I am very happy with my purchase. Packaging was very beautiful and very quick delivery. Highly recommend Tiffany Rose to all the mums out there!!
Dippy Dinesh, United Kingdom - January 2020
Eden Langes Umstandsabendkleid in Blush
Excellent. Exactly as others described in their reviews, the dresses (i ordered three, picked one -the Lucia wedding gown -and returned the other two) are high quality, super comfy, very classy and the whole order and returns process was just effortless. Really pleased with my purchase, and bought two sashes also to try with it. So confident for my wedding day now :) Lucy, Dublin
Lucy Balding, Ireland - January 2020
Umstands-Brautkleid Lucia Lang in Elfenbein / Weiß
Beautiful quality, what a wonderful dress. It's quite stretchy and forgiving. It is not see through as I was wearing a black bra. In the photo I was 30 weeks pregnant and weighed about 168 pounds (76kg) and I'm 5ft6in (167cm) tall. I wore this dress for my baby shower, but I could probably wear it again for other holidays after the baby is born, maybe Easter.
Jackie Roach, USA - January 2020
Satinschärpe Dünn Lagunen Blau
Umstandskleid Eden lang in Dusk Blau
Great choice. Products are high quality. Ordering was extremely easy and as I ordered two sizes the support for return of the size that did not fit was excellent.
Michelle Brogan, United Kingdom - January 2020
Kleid Viola aus Spitze in Marineblau
Satinschärpe Mitternachtsblau
The dress I purchased from Tiffany Rose was just as described. Absolutely perfect! Fast shipping and great quality. I will definitely recommend to all my pregnant friends :)
Jacinta Swan, Australia - January 2020
Edith Kimono Brautkleid Lang (Elfenbein)
My now wife couldn't decide between 4 wedding dresses so ordered them all. She decided on the one and she looked beautiful on our wedding day. We didn't have any problems sending the other 3 back and got refunded within a decent amount of working days for them.
Kez Barfield, United Kingdom - January 2020
Schärpe aus Satinband (Sunset Red)
Umstandsbrautkleid Katie lang Elfenbein
They shipped my dress within 4 days to Japan. The service and quality of the product was good. The size was perfect too! I'm so happy that I found this shop online.
Arisa Kon, Japan - January 2020
Umstands-Brautkleid Lucia Lang in Elfenbein / Weiß
Brilliant fit and comfortable - many admirers. Great price and very flattering.
Ella Bihari, United Kingdom - January 2020
Umstandskleid Suzie Tiefes Rot
Sehr schönes Kleid und sehr dehnbar, optimal für die Schwangerschaft.
Katharina Mayer, Germany - January 2020
Umstandsbrautkleid Katie lang Elfenbein
Satinschärpe lang (Elfenbein)
Great service, fast shipping, the quality of the clothes is out-of-this-world amazing!!! Will shop here again. Love it!
Renee Pinter, USA - January 2020
Etuikleid Bardot Englische Rose
amazing and gorgeous
Hiba Hashim, United Kingdom - January 2020
Umstandsmoden-Kleid Sienna Bordeaux
Very happy with my purchase.arrived beautifully packed and on time. Many thanks
S L Abbott, United Kingdom - January 2020
Umstandsmoden Etuikleid Anna Imperial
the dress came in to my house with a good packaging handling. I did not spot any wrinkles on the dress. And the Quality of dress is excellent. i really like the one i bought. It fits me well. And the cut and shape of the dress is fabulous.
Eleanor Umstandsmoden Kleid Kingfischer
Speedy delivery and a beautiful dress it was very long but the dress maker has only had to alter the length and she said it’s very easy to work with, I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day on the 25th Jan 😊
Rachel Lipman, United Kingdom - January 2020
Mia Umstandskleid lang in Trüffel
Schärpe aus Satinband Silber
I love the dress that I purchased, it looked beautiful and fitted very well (recommend to buy your pre-pregnancy size, the dresses are very stretchy). Got a lot of nice compliments about it. Also the customer service is excellent!
Wendy Damman, Netherlands - January 2020
Umstands Spitzenkleid Amelia in navy
Satinschärpe Mitternachtsblau
Umstandsmoden Brautkleid Suzie kurz in Elfenbein / Weiß
Satinschärpe Elfenbein
Efficace et rapide
Maëlle Trumeau, France - January 2020
Mia Umstands Brautkleid in Elfenbein
Satinschärpe Lang Oyster
Fantastic service! Quick responses to my questions before purchase and fast shipping. I ordered my wedding dress on the 6th with express shipping for my wedding on the 28th in Australia, it arrived on the 9th but was too big. The return/exchange process is very straight forward and within a week I’d sent my dress back and received the correct size. Very happy with the comfort and fit of the 3 dresses I ordered.
Renae Kelly, Australia - January 2020
Kimono Kleid Sanddüne
Alessandra Umstandskleid kurz (Bronze Blau)
Happy with service and delivery, just slightly disappointed at the dress that looks more "glamourous" on the picture that in reality (buying online...). Find it a bit expensive for what it is in the end, I though the fabric would be of better quality..
Pauline CAUMONT, Belgium - January 2020
Alessandra Umstandskleid kurz Dunkelrot
I was able to get this dress in time for our elopement thanks to the quick shipping! Beautiful quality of dress, couldn’t have been happier with my decision to purchase my maternity wedding dress from Tiffany Rose 💜
Kylie Marshall, USA - January 2020
Verona Umstandsabendkleid in hellem Elfenbein / Weiß
Beautiful dress, very good quality, smooth purchase online and fast delivery
Sophie Kummer, United Kingdom - January 2020
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
Bought two maternity dresses for my partner for Christmas. She loves the style and quality of them both.
David Statham, United Kingdom - January 2020
Anna Umstandsmoden-Etuikleid kurz in Ruby Bloom
Umstandsmoden Etuikleid Anna in Midnight Garden
Great wedding dress, Fits perfectly Excellent service.
Jaroslav Ulc, Czech Republic - January 2020
Umstands-Brautkleid Willow Lang in Elfenbein
Large choix de robes de mariées. Commande reçue extrêmement rapidement et emballage soigné. Robe conforme aux photos, coupe parfaite, tissus de qualité. Très confortable à porter, beaucoup de succès et de compliments. Je recommanderai sans soucis à des amies de commander sur ce site.
Bénédicte COULM, France - December 2019
Faye Umstands Brautkleid elfenbein / weiß
Everything was perfect! And our wedding beautiful. Thanks!
Anna Ozga, Germany - December 2019
Umstands-Brautkleid Willow Lang in Elfenbein
The Service of Tiffany Rose is more than perfect. After a German company failed to send me my favorite dress, I asked Tiffany Rose. They provided me a beautiful dress and answered immediately my questions. Correspondence between England, Germany and Switzerland was perfect! Thanks a lot - especially to Shannon!
Steffi, United Kingdom - December 2019
Tiffany Rose Service is more than perfect. After a German company failed by sending me my favorite dress, Tiffany Rose answers my email immediately and made everything possible to provide my wedding dress. Correspondence between England, Germany and Switzerland was perfect. Thanks a lot - especially to Shannon!
Steffi, United Kingdom - December 2019
Beautiful dresses, decent shipping, returns where expensive but worked well without any issue. The dress I decided on keeping is fantastic, exactly what I was hoping when i placed the order. I can tell the material, especially the lace, is a little bit fragile but that's normal, other than that the quality seems nice.
Elin Stahre, Sweden - December 2019
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
Art Deco Sash (Ivory)
Perfect fit, wonderfully glittery, I love it and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day.
Nathalie Jakober, Switzerland - December 2019
Abendkleid Isabella (Elfenbein mit Glitzer)
Beautiful dress! Fit perfect, looked wonderful and was so comfortable. Very pleased in all ways. Arrived very quick too.
Marnie McClellan, USA - December 2019
Amelia Umstandskleid kurz (Elfenbein)
Satinschärpe Elfenbein
Really nice and comfortable. Wears well
Adrienne Neal, United Kingdom - December 2019
Cathy Umstandskleid kurz in Oriental Bloom
Sehr guter Service. Alles perfekt geklappt.
Silvia Rosenberg, Germany - December 2019
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Lana M Haltom, USA - December 2019
Colour-Block Umstandskleid (Violett)
Tiffany Rose online shopping is very efficient, my recent purchase arrived the next day. So far I've bought two classic maternity dresses from Tiffany Rose and I am very pleased with the quality of the dresses. And I love the sales too, saves me money😆.
Misozi Sakala, United Kingdom - December 2019
Umstandsmoden-Kleid Sienna Bordeaux
Absolutely stunning dress. It fitted perfectly and I received a lot of lovely comments when I wore it to a friend's wedding. Thank you Tiffany Rose xx
Faye Newman, United Kingdom - December 2019
Chloe Umstandsspitzenkleid Orchid Blush
Anna Umstands Etuikleid in Himmelblau
I loved Tiffany Rose maternity dresses, and I purchased two wedding dresses from them as I had two marriage celebrations during my pregnancy. They are well designed, comfortable, totally affordable and make you the most beautiful bride even with your nice little bump. I totally recommend this brand for all pregnant women who need something nice-looking to wear for special occasions.
Fabienne Dugas, Netherlands - December 2019
Große Brautstola aus Seide Elfenbein
Umstandsbrautkleid Katie kurz Elfenbein
I have been very happy to wear that dress for my wedding, it is high quality and very elegant!
Estelle LECOQ, France - December 2019
Aria Umstandskleid in Mitternachtsblau
Comprei meu vestido de casamento e fiquei impressionada com a excelente qualidade! Também precisei trocar a numeração e o atendimento foi ótimo. Obrigada!!! Meu casamento foi lindo
Thelma Oliveira, - December 2019
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
I am not buying any of her dresses, i am just amazed at how beautiful they all are and, and the ideas they give me.
Jasmine, United Kingdom - December 2019
A wonderful dress, I bought it for my wedding and it fitted perfectly and I felt so pretty at this important day :-) and great customer service.
Monira Kerler, Germany - December 2019
Eden Langes Umstandsabendkleid in Blush
Beautiful dress, perfect fit, fast safe shipping!
Gail Gavit, USA - December 2019
Umstandsmoden-Kleid Sienna Kleid Puderblau
So many compliments on the dress. Sending time was great. Fit perfectly. Thank you everyone!
Theresa Kowker, USA - December 2019
Diamantschärpe (Eclipse Blue)
Edith Kimono Spitzen-Kleid in Elfenbein
Die Kleider sind wunderschön. Der Kundenservice und der schnelle Versand sind top!
Sigrid Hoessl, Germany - December 2019
Excellent service
Emily Hall, United Kingdom - December 2019
Kurzes Umstandskleid Silvia in Schwarz mit Tupfen
Samtschärpe Schwarz
It was a nice pregnancy cocktail wedding dress. It fits easily. I just needed to cut the length of course and you may also want to make the arms of it more tighter by a tailor which makes it look better.
Pinar Demir, Netherlands - December 2019
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
The dress is very pretty.
CHANI SCHATZ, United Kingdom - December 2019
Umstandsmoden-Kleid Sienna Bordeaux
I would like to thank you for perfect service. I ordered a wedding dress and it is absolutely stunning - fits perfectly, very nice material, beautifully packed. The approach, the communication and service from Tiffany Rose was very professional and precise. Thank you so much!
Jaroslav, Czech Republic - December 2019
Umstands-Brautkleid Willow Lang in Elfenbein
The dresses are stunning and you don't need to be pregnant to wear them. I will definitely recommend Tiffany Rose for special events.
Amrita Narayanan, Germany - December 2019
Willow Umstandskleid kurz in Pflaume
Satinschärpe Vintage Rose
Umstandkleid Freya kurz in Altrosa
Lovely dress, excellent quality, beautifully presented.
Robert Hasbury, United Kingdom - December 2019
Roxie Umstandskleid aus Samtkleid in Blau
I have to congratulate the team at Tiffany Rose for their excellent after sales service. Their personal attention to our purchase made this the best internet shopping experience ever.Most importantly, my soon to be daughter-in-law is chuffed to bits with the gown she chose. Thank you once again for your professionalism.
Jo-Ann, Malta - December 2019
Umstands-Brautkleid Willow Lang in Elfenbein
Aurelia Vintage Seidenschärpe (Elfenbein)
I could not have been happier with my Tiffany Rose Maternity Wedding Dress. My Husband and I decided to get married and pulled together the Wedding in 3 weeks. Tiffany Rose made that possible! I not only had a beautiful and comfortable dress for our day, the process was simple. I had ordered two dresses and the return of the dress I did not pick was super simple. Thank you!
Ann Ramminger, USA - December 2019
Umstandsbrautkleid Katie lang Elfenbein
Loved the dress. With the bow it made it very pretty and sweet. Only colour was a little bit different as shown on photo.
Elisabeth Enzenhofer, Austria - December 2019
Clemence Spitzen Umstandskleid Stahlblau
Satinschärpe schmal (Mitternachtsblau)
I am very sattisfied with a dress I ordered. Size chart helped me a lot with choosing my size, the delivery was very smooth and quick and the dress was nicely packed. The last and most important- it fitted perfect and I looked great on my special day. Thank you a lot.
Mirta Brkic, Croatia - December 2019
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
the dresses are very beautiful with a good quality and much thanks for the good service.
Susann Schröcker, Germany - November 2019
Verona Umstandsabendkleid in hellem Elfenbein / Weiß
Bouclé Umstandsmoden Mantel Schneewald
Order came very quickly my daughter loved the dress and looked lovely on her wedding day
Pauline Jackson, United Kingdom - November 2019
Lexi Umstands Hochzeitskleid in Elfenbein
I love it! I ordered without noticing that this dress comes from UK. I thought it was from America. Love the design and very comfortable.
Duangkaew Wadchuey, USA - November 2019
Amelia Umstandsspitzenkleid kurz (Vintage Rose)
Satinschärpe Vintage Rose
Not much to write, but everyone commented how amazing my wonderful wife looked on our special day. Everyone loved Katya’s dress. I am so proud of her.
Anthony Symes, Australia - November 2019
Amelia Umstandskleid kurz (Elfenbein)
Satinschärpe Elfenbein
Beautiful dress, incredible fabric and made my small winter wedding ceremony perfect. I received so many compliments on it!!
Victoria Onabolu, United Kingdom - November 2019
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Though I was very sceptical about ordering online in the beginning, I am extremely happy with my beautiful wedding dress by Tiffany Rose and the great service provided by the shop. Purchase and refund worked out just fine, so I can do nothing but recommend this shop!
Laura Oelmann, Germany - November 2019
Satinschärpe Oyster
Noelle Umstandsmoden Brautkleid Kurz Elfenbein
Fantastic design, so comfortable to wear, superb customer and returns service.
Kerry Ross, United Kingdom - November 2019
Amelia Umstandsspitzenkleid kurz (Windsor Blue)
Satinschärpe Marineblau
Amazing online store!! Thank you very much for everything!
Manuela Call, Italy - November 2019
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Satinschärpe Elfenbein
This dress is beautiful and fits perfectly. I bought this dress for my baby shower in December and I can't wait to wear it. It looks exactly like the photo and I received the dress in 3 business days. The sash is a great addition to finish the look. I highly recommend!
Dominique, USA - November 2019
Umstandskleid Eden lang in Dusk Blau
This dress is beautiful and fits perfectly. I bought this dress for my baby shower in December and I can't wait to wear it. It looks exactly like the photo and I received the dress in 3 business days. The sash is a great addition to finish the look. I highly recommend!
Dominique, USA - November 2019
Umstandskleid Eden lang in Dusk Blau
Arrived promptly and we couldn't be happier. Lovely fabric, falls nicely, well made and she looks lovely in it - the perfect size. All our worries disappeared!
Jennifer Gregory, Australia - November 2019
Umstandsbrautkleid Alessandra kurz in Elfenbein
I am a regular 8-10 dress and I ordered size 3 at the beginning. I returned and ordered a size 2. The dress was wonderful. It was super comfortable and I just needed to do some stitches on the top and also the sleeves. I got plenty of space in the belly; and everyone complemented the dress. The dress looks gorgeous in the pictures and videos; and quality is really good!!! The lace felt like a high quality and even when the design is simple, BUT EXTREMELY ELEGANT.
Ingrid Santamaria, Canada - November 2019
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
Bought as a surprise gift for my wife, she absolutely loved it and looks forward to wearing it out.
Ben Rudge, United Kingdom - November 2019
Rosa Umstandskleid (Vintage Blush)
Satinschärpe schmal (Vintage Rose)
Fantastic service, very quick delivery to Australia and a beautiful dress.
Katherine Atkinson, Australia - November 2019
Umstands Maxikleid Alana in Japanischer Garten Print
I was impressed with the fast shipping time from the UK to a rural place in the US! Literally a few days of shipping and my dress was here, I don't know how that is even possible, but I was so happy it came quickly! The quality of the dress is just lovely. It's beautiful, stretchy and soft, and fit perfectly. Even if I had to return it, I would have felt comfortable doing that with Tiffany Rose and they provided the return envelope just in case and judging from their fast shipping time, I know I would have no problems ordering another dress. I am definitely coming back to order from Tiffany Rose again next year!!
Guissella Rodriguez, USA - November 2019
Umstandsbrautkleid Katie lang Elfenbein
Satinschärpe Lang Türkis
Beautiful dress. Great fit. Great value. Fast delivery
Felicity Simpkin, United Kingdom - November 2019
Samtschärpe (Hellrosa)
Amelia Umstandskleid kurz (Elfenbein)
Beautiful dress and excellent service
Claudia Levine, United Kingdom - November 2019
Umstandsmoden-Kleid Wilow in Midnight Garden
Great service, quick delivery and beautiful dresses!
Gina Griffioen, Sweden - November 2019
Silvia Umstandsmoden Brautkleid lang in Elfenbein
Great dress - best of any I tried. Lovely fabric, good length. Would recommend!
Eibhlin Mulhall, Ireland - November 2019
Umstands Etuikleid Anna in Storm Blue
This dress was so beautiful and perfect for my grandmother’s funeral. My brother and I were very close to her and spent over 95% of our lives with her. I wanted something special to wear for her and she hated all black and she would have absolutely loved it.
Jennifer Mareno, USA - November 2019
Sienna Umstandskleid kurz in creme
Quick shipping and easy return from the US. Love the dresses, high quality material.
Natasa Colovic, USA - November 2019
Umstandsmoden-Brautkleid Aria Elfenbein
Perfect dress for my wedding
Klara Plevkova, United Kingdom - November 2019
Chloe Umstandsabendkleid mit Spitze in Elfenbein
Satinschärpe lang (Elfenbein)
This dress was perfect for an awards ceremony, great quality and showed off my mini bump perfectly. Really glad I found Tiffany Rose!
Christine Coltman, United Kingdom - November 2019
Umstandsetuikleid Imogen Schwarz
Satinschärpe Vintage Rose
The dress was perfect for my body. The material is soft. The colour is wonderful.
Ana Sandulache, Romania - November 2019
Stillkleid Naomi - Mulberry
Willow Umstandskleid kurz in Pflaume
Outstanding, fast and convenient service, and such a good quality product. Thank goodness for Tiffany Rose designing beautiful and truly flattering clothes for pregnancy!
Rachael Cooper, Australia - November 2019
Flossie Umstandsmoden Kleid kurz in Riviera Blau
Satinschärpe Marineblau
Willow Umstandskleid kurz in Pflaume
Amazing design and quality of the dress.I felt like Greek Goddess on my big day! The order and the delivery process worked without any issues as well. I would recommend that shop to every woman, not only pregnant ladies. Big Bravo to Your Team! Best Regards: Kristina Sparakowski, Memmingen Germany
Kristina Ivanova, Germany - November 2019
Galaxy Umstandskleid Abendrobe Glitzer Elfenbein
While I was a little disappointed to see care instructions are dry clean, I absolutely love this dress! It looks royal, material is very soft, length for my 5’7” is perfect almost to the ground while wearing high heels and I got a lot of compliments on the dress. I do believe it will look good postpartum as well. I would recommend this dress.
Linda Z, USA - November 2019
Umstands-Brautkleid Lucia Lang in Königsblau
The dress was as beautiful in person as it was in the photograph. Just as importantly, I found the dress to be very comfortable. I had to exchange my first dress for a small size and Tiffany Rose processed my return quickly. At no point was I concerned about getting the smaller size delivered in time for my event. Thanks for offering such lovely maternity options for brides!
Christie Flanagan, USA - November 2019
Eden Langes Umstandsabendkleid in Blush
The full length evening dress that I bought is lovely - a very pretty design and colour and soft flowing satin-like fabric, fully lined. It was easy for a dressmaker to shorten it for me and I wore it at a very special evening dinner. Thank you, HN
Heather Nisbet, United Kingdom - November 2019
Willow Umstandsabendkleid in Königsblau
Here I found my wedding dress!! I loved the material and feeling of my dress. We don't have such pretty dresses for pregnant brides in Germany.
Eva Schader, Germany - November 2019
Satinschärpe Vintage Rose
Umstandsbrautkleid Alessandra kurz in Elfenbein
Excellent service, ordered 3 dresses and they came the next day. All looked exactly like the pictures and fitted true to size. Sent two dresses back and the refund was paid within a few days. Can’t wait to wear my dress (Verona) amazing quality for the price!
Louise Trower, United Kingdom - October 2019
Verona Umstandsabendkleid in hellem Elfenbein / Weiß
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