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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Winner of the Queen's Award
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Tiffany Rose Maternity

Tuesday, January 23 2024

How To: Maternity Photoshoots


Your Maternity Photoshoot

Styling Tips and Ideas


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @sarahbeauty892 - Francesa Maxi Maternity Dress in Blush


As a mum-to-be, embracing your changing body and self-love is essential. One of the best ways to commemorate the journey of love between you, your partner and your baby is through a maternity photoshoot. It's a time to capture the beauty and emotion of expecting a child, creating memories that will be cherished forever.


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @kelly_dcsta - Edith Maternity Gown Ivory


Whether you want to plan a professional shoot or a more personal DIY session, here are some romantic maternity photoshoot ideas, suggested colours and outfits that look stunning on camera, and some posing tips to boost confidence during the shoot.

How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Romantic Outdoor Settings
Capture the essence of romance with an outdoor photoshoot. Consider locations like a park, a beach, or a scenic overlook. The natural light and beautiful backdrops make for stunning photos. Try not to plan a shoot for mid-day as the light might be too harsh. Sunset (golden hour) is the best time to create dreamy and romantic images outdoors. 


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @sarahbeauty892 - Francesa Maxi Maternity Dress in Blush


A perfect dress option would be the Francesca Maternity Maxi Dress in a park with high tree tops in the background, and the sun setting. To add an extra touch, consider a hat.


Cosy Indoor Shoots 
For a more intimate setting, consider an indoor photoshoot at home. Decorate your space with Valentine's-themed decor like pillows, fairy lights, and candles. Capturing moments in the nursery or a cosy corner of your home can create a warm and personal feeling. Try using the natural light by sitting next to the window all snug, wearing the Kitty Nursing Hoodie.


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: Alessandra Maternity & Nursing Dress Rosey Red


Outfit and Colour Choices
When it comes to what to wear, consider soft, flowing dresses in pastel or neutral tones for a timeless look. Rich reds or deep pinks can also beautifully tie in with a theme, such as Valentine's Day. Tiffany Rose Maternity offers a range of elegant dresses that not only look elegant on camera but also accentuate your pregnancy glow. Choose fabrics that drape gracefully and highlight your beautiful baby bump.


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: Bardot Shift Dress Night Sky


Incorporating Partners and Siblings
Include your partner and even your other children to include the growing love and anticipation within the family. Coordinating outfits can create a cohesive look – think of matching colours or complementary styles. If you go all white, avoid T-shirts. Get flowing, creative, and timeless with something like Isla's Ribbed Jersey Dress. And the rest of the family can follow your style.  


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: Isla Maternity Dress Ivory


How To: Maternity Photoshoots


Posing Tips for Pregnancy Confidence


Hand on the Bump:

One of the classic maternity poses is placing your hands gently on your bump, showcasing your growing baby. One hand on the bump, one hand slightly under the belly for full-body shots. Something flowing!


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @anabel.chew - Alessandra Maternity & Nursing Dress Japanese Garden


Silhouette Shots:

Stand sideways to the camera with your partner behind you, both hands on the bump, to capture the beautiful silhouette of your pregnant body. 


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @adora_photography - Verona Maternity Gown Ivory


Seated Poses:

Sitting on a chair or on the ground can provide comfort and variety. Use a flowy dress (can you possibly suggest a dress here) to create a beautiful shape around you.


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

Photo: @zianiarubi - Galaxy Maternity Evening Gown Night Sky


Soft Lighting:

Soft, diffused lighting can create a romantic feel in your photos. If shooting indoors, use sheer curtains to filter natural light. 


Candid Moments:

While posed shots are great, candid moments capture the real emotion and excitement between couples. Laugh, talk, and move naturally, and let the photographer capture these spontaneous moments.

A maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to commemorate your pregnancy journey. It's a celebration of love, anticipation, and the new life that's about to enter your world. Remember to relax, enjoy the moment, and pick the right dress for the right setting.


How To: Maternity Photoshoots

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