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Tiffany Rose

Customer Reviews

"My COLOUR BLOCK DRESS just arrived in the mail. Came beautifully wrapped. The Quality of the dress was AMAZING! Fit of the dress was AMAZING! So glad I ordered it and am looking forward to ordering more items! Truly impressed with Tiffany Rose!"

Sarah Collins

April 2014

"The size is perfect, its not tight at all, and the quality is really good - I felt really relaxed wearing it."

Heather Fox-Lawson

April 2014

"I'm delighted to have found the Amelia dress for my wedding in June. It fits perfectly, feels really comfortable (with my ever-growing bump!) and looks beautiful. Highly recommended!"


April 2014

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Evening & Occasion Maternity Dresses

The perfect maternity wear department in which to find something truly outstanding for a special occasion. Browse for long maternity evening gowns and short maternity dresses for the cocktail hour. Our fabulous maternity designs for every occasion and every budget come in an array of opulent fabrics including lace, satin and silk to deliver just the right touch of swish for a maternity evening outfit.

Clara Maternity Dress Short Aqua Marine

Clara Dress Short (Aqua Marine)


Contrasting shades of blue in bold colour block complement all the most flattering features of sublimely comfortable Clara soft jersey maternity day dress.

Clara Maternity Dress Short Bluebell

Clara Dress Short (Bluebell)


A quintessential shade that evokes English springtime, Bluebell makes Clara short maternity dress the perfect choice for elegant day wear.

Twilight Lace Maternity Dress (Blackberry)

Twilight Lace Dress (Blackberry)


A rich and opulent new take on the LBD, we've added a scrumptious blackberry shade to our Twilight maternity dress for a tantalising touch of mystery on your next big night out.

Twilight Lace Maternity Dress (Mocha)

Twilight Lace Dress (Mocha)


Soft, simple yet striking, our Twilight Lace maternity dress in a delicious shade of Mocha, oozes glamour for a special daytime or evening occasion.

Clara Maternity Dress Short Black

Clara Dress Short (Black)


Our Clara short maternity dress is the perfect LBD with the perfect fusion of sensationally simple looks and delicious comfort.

Clara Maternity Gown Long (Black)

Clara Gown Long (Black)


For summer weddings and black tie evenings, it simply has to be the ultimate sophistication of Clara long black maternity gown in sumptuously soft floor-length folds.

Rosa Maternity Dress (Vintage Blush)

Rosa Dress (Vintage Blush)


Party perfect Rosa lace maternity dress brings vintage inspired styling to your next special occasion.

Rosa Maternity Gown Long (Vintage Blush)

Rosa Gown Long (Vintage Blush)


Our best selling Rosa maternity gown in Vintage Blush is the perfect party dress. So we've added a full length version for those A-list evenings when you want to shine.

Rosa Maternity Dress Mocha

Rosa Dress (Mocha)


Our best-selling Rosa short maternity dress is now available in mouth-watering Mocha, such a luscious shade for the party season.

Jewel Block Maternity Dress Coffee Bean

Jewel Block Dress (Coffee Bean)


Stunningly simple, a new Coffee Bean shade makes our Jewel Block short maternity dress so versatile with effortless style.

Daisy Maternity Gown Long (Black and Silver)

Daisy Gown Long (Black and Silver)


Dainty daisies adorn the lace of our sensational new Daisy long maternity gown.

Gwen Maternity Dress (Bluebell)

Gwen Dress (Bluebell)


Every woman loves versatility in her maternity wear wardrobe. So we styled our Gwen maternity dress to look just as glamorous at a business meeting or cocktail party.

Eden Maternity Gown Long Arabian Nights

Eden Gown Long (Arabian Nights)


Our best-selling Eden long maternity gown in our new shade of midnight blue Arabian Nights.

As worn by Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Eden Maternity Gown Short Arabian Nights

Eden Gown Short (Arabian Nights)


Sumptuously rich new Arabian Nights is the latest colourway for our best-selling Eden short maternity gown.

Eden Maternity Gown Long (Caspian Blue)

Eden Gown Long (Caspian Blue)


Take your breath away. That sums up the sheer splendour of our new Eden long lace maternity gown in ethereal Caspian blue.

Eden Maternity Gown Short (Caspian Blue)

Eden Gown Short (Caspian Blue)


Featuring our signature, exquisite stretch floral lace, with intricate detail and a prettily scalloped edge to flatter your bust, Eden is every inch the dream dress.

Eden Maternity Gown Long Chocolate

Eden Gown Long (Chocolate)


As rich as your favourite festive treat, delicious Chocolate joins the colour palette for our hugely popular Eden long maternity gown.

Eden Maternity Gown Short Chocolate

Eden Gown Short (Chocolate)


The party season is all about depth of colour. So we’ve added lusciously rich Chocolate for our hugely popular Eden short lace maternity gown.

Clara Maternity Gown Long Mocha

Clara Gown Long (Mocha)


Long, luscious and as chilled as an iced cappuccino, Clara long maternity gown in Mocha shade is simply sensational.

Clara Maternity Dress Short Mocha

Clara Dress Short (Mocha)


A lustrous soft shimmering shade of Mocha makes Clara short maternity dress a stunning choice for warm summer evenings when you want to shine in sublime comfort.

Alessandra Maternity Dress Short Poppy

Alessandra Dress Short (Poppy)


As vibrant as a wild-flower meadow, dotted with pretty poppies, our Alessandra short maternity dress is an easy-wearing kimono style that's floaty and free.

Anastasia Maternity Gown Long Poppy

Anastasia Gown Long (Poppy)


Grecian goddess-like gorgeous drape in a stunning poppy print makes Anastasia long maternity gown so wearable for any occasion.

Hawaiian Breeze Maternity Maxi Dress

Hawaiian Breeze Maxi Dress


A new bold floral print Hawaiian Breeze maxi maternity dress gets you noticed anywhere from a fashionable summer garden party to a day at the races.

Valencia Maternity Gown Long Sunset Red

Valencia Gown Long (Sunset Red)


Be the lady in red who garners every glance at a gala occasion with the stunning new Sunset Red version of our ultimate glamour Valencia long maternity gown.

Valencia Maternity Gown Long Charcoal

Valencia Gown Long (Charcoal)


High-octane glamour, Valencia long maternity gown in simply stunning Charcoal is the red carpet gown to slip into when you want to outshine the stars at a première.

Isabelle Lace Maternity Dress Cocoa

Isabelle Lace Dress (Cocoa)


Our new Isabelle lace maternity dress in wickedly rich Cocoa hues simply oozes vintage starlet appeal that's perfect for the party season.

Alessandra Maternity Gown Long (Sea Breeze)

Alessandra Gown Long (Sea Breeze)


A beautiful shade of Sea Breeze in our new Alessandra special occasion maternity gown.

Alessandra Maternity Dress Short (Sea Breeze)

Alessandra Dress Short (Sea Breeze)


Look sensational in one of the hottest iced shades of the summer.

Alessandra Maternity Gown Long (Mink)

Alessandra Gown Long (Mink)


Make it mink for maximum impact. Worn by Melissa George.

Lottie Maternity Dress Ink Blue

Lottie Dress (Ink Blue)


An electrifying shade for summer evenings, Lottie short maternity dress in Ink blue combines blues of vibrant cobalt and dusky eclipse for maximum impact.

Rosabelle Maternity Dress Sapphire

Rosabelle Dress (Sapphire)


For a twist on the classic LBD, Rosabelle maternity shift dress in a richly nostalgic shade of Bluebell is perfect for early cocktails or dining out.

Tulip Bloom Maternity Dress (Dusk)

Tulip Bloom Dress (Dusk)


In a delightful abstract floral print, our Tulip Bloom maternity dress has the perfect warm tones to flatter your pregnancy glow.

Amelia Maternity Dress Short Misty Lilac

Amelia Dress Short (Misty Lilac)


Two-tone pastel lace is this season's fabulous new look, and our Amelia short lace maternity dress adds dreamy new Misty Lilac shade to its popular palette.

Amelia Maternity Dress Short Waterlily

Amelia Dress Short (Waterlily)


Lusciously lacy Amelia short maternity dress is such a hot favourite, we've cooled it down with a delicious new shade of Waterlily for the heat of spring and summer.

Amelia Maternity Dress Short (Silver Moonbeam)

Amelia Dress Short (Silver Moonbeam)


We've added a sensational shimmering soft silver shade to our classically beautiful Amelia lace maternity dress. Stunning glamour for cocktail hour.

Amelia Maternity Dress Short (Moulin Rouge)

Amelia Dress Short (Moulin Rouge)


A deeply dramatic shade of scarlet gives our best selling Amelia lace maternity dress, head turning glamour. Ideal for a ‘wow factor’ entrance at your next special occasion.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Black)

Amelia Dress Short (Black)


The dramatic, sexy edge your maternity wardrobe craves - our highly coveted Amelia maternity dress now comes in jet black.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Charcoal)

Amelia Dress Short (Charcoal)


Get instant glamour with our best selling Amelia lace maternity dress in darkly sexy new Charcoal, with a warm, opulent undertone.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Vintage Rose)

Amelia Dress Short (Vintage Rose)


Blissfully comfortable and super flattering, our signature stretch lace makes it the most perfect special occasion dress, heavenly for vintage weddings and parties.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Windsor Blue)

Amelia Dress Short (Windsor Blue)


Delightful, French blue lace elegantly layered over a soft, sensuous jersey lining. Our Windsor Blue lace maternity dress is every bit as royal as it sounds.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Long (Windsor Blue)

Amelia Dress Long (Windsor Blue)


Our bestselling Amelia lace maternity dress is regal and charming. Now available in full length windsor blue.

As worn by Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Hot Mandarin)

Amelia Dress Short (Hot Mandarin)


Bold candy colours are the perfect statement this season. We adore our Amelia stretch lace maternity dress in seasonal hot mandarin for parties and dining out.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Long (Vintage Rose)

Amelia Dress Long (Vintage Rose)


Our bestselling Amelia lace maternity dress, beloved by pregnant celebrities, is now available in a full length evening gown option in vintage rose shade.

Amelia Dress Short (Claret)

Amelia Dress Short (Claret)


Be sensational Miss Scarlet in the vibrant new colourway of our best selling Amelia maternity dress.

Amber Maternity Dress (Midnight Blue)

Amber Dress (Midnight Blue)


Stunning new Amber lace maternity dress in midnight blue is the perfect colour for the most regal of occasions.

Jewel Block Maternity Dress Eclipse

Jewel Block Dress (Eclipse)


Smartly confident, step out in style in the bold, bright colours of our Jewel Block maternity dress, achieving effortless wow for ladies who lunch.

Colour Block Maternity Dress (Cherry Spice)

Colour Block Dress (Cherry Spice)


We're turning up the heat with our signature Colour Block maternity dress, the hero style celebrities love. New Cherry Spice is set to sizzle.

Annabella Silk Maternity Gown Peach Blossom

Annabella Silk Gown (Peach Blossom)


Ravishing strapless pure silk Annabella maternity gown has all the 'wow' factor you need for a spring wedding or red carpet occasion, with its romantic peach blossom print.

Olivia Maternity Gown (Antique Rose)

Olivia Gown (Antique Rose)


We've added demurely feminine Antique Rose to our stunning, strapless Olivia maternity gown to ensure your red carpet entrance will never be forgotten.

Eva Lace Maternity Gown (Antique Rose)

Eva Lace Gown (Antique Rose)


Luscious dusky Antique Rose now available as our popular Eva maternity gown, a fabulous style the celebrities love, for true red carpet glamour.

Bella Maternity Dress (Raspberry)

Bella Dress (Raspberry)


Flirty and feminine, deliciously exotic Bella maternity dress is a delightful way to dress up for daytime or cocktail hour.

Eliza Maternity Dress Short Wild Rose

Eliza Dress Short (Wild Rose)


Fun and free-spirited, Eliza short lace maternity dress with its full skirt swirling in fluid motion, is the perfect way to party, especially in fabulous new Wild Rose.

Eliza Maternity Dress Short (Aqua Marine)

Eliza Dress Short (Aqua Marine)


Fun and free spirited, Eliza maternity dress does gorgeously grown-up in a charming, light-hearted way.

Alessandra Maternity Gown Long (Ivory)

Alessandra Gown Long (Ivory)


So simple yet incredibly stunning. Alessandra long maternity bridal gown in ivory delivers a delicious Grecian drape, so you’ll look and feel your best, effortlessly.

Willow Maternity Dress (Blackberry)

Willow Dress (Blackberry)


Simply does it for easy elegance and flattering fit with our Willow maternity dress in a lush, plush shade of rich blackberry.

Jasmine Maternity Gown Long (Peach Blossom)

Jasmine Silk Gown Long (Peach Blossom)


We're thrilled to present Jasmine silk maternity gown, our first ever Tiffany Rose designed silk print.

Jasmine Silk Maternity Gown Short (Peach Blossom)

Jasmine Silk Gown Short (Peach Blossom)


More lovely than a summer's day, Jasmine short silk maternity gown celebrates our first ever Tiffany Rose designed silk print.

Twilight Lace Maternity Dress (Black)

Twilight Lace Dress (Black)


The ultimate Tiffany Rose LBD, our Twilight lace maternity dress in jet Black is an object lesson in less is more when it comes to dramatic impact.

Olivia Maternity Gown (Mocha)

Olivia Gown (Mocha)


Spectacular sheer lace Olivia long maternity evening gown makes for a jaw-dropping entrance to any black tie wedding or evening occasion.

Olivia Maternity Gown (Silver Mist)

Olivia Gown (Silver Mist)


A fusion of skylight grey lace and silver satin sets our Olivia maternity gown apart for go-to red carpet glamour.

Riviera Maternity Dress (Orient Blue)

Riviera Dress (Orient Blue)


Summery style that's perfect to wear to a wedding or garden party when you’re pregnant.

Sienna Maternity Dress (Dusk)

Sienna Dress (Dusk)


As worn by Holly Willoughby and Kate Silverton.

Soft and sexy, this glamorous maternity dress is designed to flatter where it matters.

Sienna Maternity Dress (Spice)

Sienna Dress (Spice)


Spice up any occasion with an opulent, sumptuous version of our bestselling Sienna maternity dress.

Anastasia Maternity Gown (Gold Dust)

Anastasia Gown Long (Gold Dust)


Grecian goddess gorgeous, our Anastasia maternity gown now comes in precious Gold Dust for a spectacular occasion dress.

Anastasia Maternity Dress Short (Gold Dust)

Anastasia Dress Short (Gold Dust)


Our Anastasia short maternity gown brings a magical sprinkle of gold dust to turn heads this party season.

Flutter Lace Maternity Dress

Flutter Dress Short (Black)


As worn by Emma Bunton on ITV's Dancing on Ice and Myleene Klass

Our vintage-inspired maternity dress has all the flair of a Parisian one-off with the simple elegance of British beauty.

Flutter Maternity Dress Long (Black)

Flutter Dress Long (Black)


A show stopping dress with plenty of vintage appeal, our Flutter lace maternity dress is now available in this stylish full length evening gown.

Audrey Shift Maternity Dress (Black)

Audrey Shift Dress (Black)


Classic Audrey is a must for your pregnancy wardrobe. A stylish little lace maternity dress with sexy eyelash hem for siren sassiness all year round.

Colour Block Maternity Dress (Purple)

Colour Block Dress (Purple)


As worn by Holly Willoughby and Myleene Klass.

Striking mix of purple and black with an accent of sassy pink. The perfect choice if you want a stylish maternity outfit for more than one occasion.

Colour Block Maternity Dress (Truffle)

Colour Block Dress (Truffle)


Our bestselling Colour Block maternity dress, loved and worn by celebrities, adds a new selection of warm Truffle shades to work through your autumnal wardrobe.

Willow Maternity Dress (Midnight Blue)

Willow Dress (Midnight Blue)


A wonderful change from black, you’ll love the gentle swish and sway of our elegant Willow maternity dress.

As worn by Katie Piper.

Cocoon Nursing Dress (Velvet Blue)

Cocoon Dress (Velvet Blue)


Because you love the soft fluid flare of our Cocoon nursing dress in Mink, we've added a dressy version in Velvet Blue that's perfect for dining out.

Liberty Maternity Gown (Blackberry)

Liberty Gown (Blackberry)


You loved our Liberty maternity gown in Bridal Ivory. Now we've launched a stunning new version in deep, rich Blackberry that's perfect for festive occasions.

Eva Lace Maternity Gown (Scarlet)

Eva Lace Gown (Scarlet)


Our Eva full length maternity gown in decidedly hot Scarlet, is seriously sassy and fabulous for the festive season.

Eva Lace Maternity Gown (Glacier)

Eva Lace Gown (Glacier)


Intricately cool and elegant, our Eva lace maternity dress drapes to the floor with a full length skirt like an icy jewel.

Silk Sophia (Ashen Mauve)

Silk Sophia (Ashen Mauve)


Based on our bestselling Sophia maternity wedding dress, our Silk Sophia in ashen mauve is a brand new colourway for this opulent gown.

Silk Sophia (Confetti Pink)

Silk Sophia (Confetti Pink)


Based on our Silk Sophia maternity wedding gown, our new confetti pink maternity dress captures this summer’s stylish candy coloured trend perfectly.

Grace Maternity Dress (Misty Blue)

Grace Dress (Misty Blue)


You’ll love this intriguing new deep Misty Blue shade for our best selling Grace maternity dress, adding a versatile colour that works beautifully for day into evening wear.

Grace Lace Maternity Dress (Ivory)

Grace Dress (Ivory)


As worn by Jenni Falconer and Kate Silverton.

A vintage-style maternity dress with acres of class. This is not only a bestseller, but one of our favourites at Tiffany Rose.

Grace Lace Maternity Dress Long (Ivory)

Grace Dress Long (Ivory)


As worn by Emma Bunton on ITV1's Dancing On Ice.

Our bestselling Grace Dress is now available in an elegant full length gown.

Chloe Maternity Dress (Black)

Chloe Dress Short (Black)


As worn by Myleene Klass.

Available in claret, black or ivory, this super-stylish maternity cocktail dress is one of our favourites.

Chloe Maternity Dress (Vintage Rose)

Chloe Dress Short (Vintage Rose)


Glow stylishly in this beautifully flattering dress, the celebrity’s choice.

Grecian Maternity Dress

Grecian Dress


As worn by Danielle Lloyd.

Romanesque and Romantic. The Grecian Dress is a vision of pure ivory chiffon brought to life with a vintage embroidered trim.

Clementine Floral Maternity Gown (Short)

Clementine Gown (Short)


This gown is a show-stopper, ideal for any red carpet occasion. With a blend of silk and viscose, effervescent colours and regal drape, this beautiful maternity gown will make your entrance one to remember.

Clementine Floral Maternity Gown (Long)

Clementine Gown (Long)


As worn by Tess Daly.

This maternity gown is a show stopper, ideal for any red carpet occasion.

Anastasia Maternity Gown (Ivory)

Anastasia Gown Long (Ivory)


As worn by Holly Willoughby on ITV1's Dancing on Ice and Marli Harwood.

Guests will gasp as you enter in this heavenly ivory bridal gown - so graceful and flattering with its elegant Grecian drape.

Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Ivory)

Amelia Dress Short (Ivory)


Beloved by pregnant celebrities, our bestselling Amelia lace maternity dress, fabulous in every colour, is now available in crisp ivory.

Eden Maternity Gown Short (Ivory Dream)

Eden Gown Short (Ivory Dream)


Stunningly simple, our new Eden short lace maternity gown is an exquisite confection of delicate stretch floral lace and shimmering soft jersey, beyond perfect for your big day.

Eliza Maternity Dress Short (Ivory)

Eliza Dress Short (Ivory)


A blissfully simple piece to turn heads, our Eliza short lace maternity gown is perfect for an intimate wedding in a refined setting.

Flutter Maternity Dress Ivory

Flutter Dress Short (Ivory)


Introducing the bridal version of our bestselling Flutter dress in elegant ivory; a stunning knee length lace maternity wedding dress for mums to be.