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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Winner of the Queen's Award
2013 & 2018
Tiffany Rose Maternity

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Nicola Lace Maternity Dress in Pearl Pink

Nicola Lace Dress

Pearl Pink
HK $ 1,910.00
Alaska Maternity Silk Dress in Peach Blush

Alaska Dress

Peach Blush
HK $ 3,590.00 now HK $ 1,190.00
End of Season Sale
Alaska Maternity Chiffon Gown in Peach Blush

Alaska Gown

Peach Blush
HK $ 3,900.00 now HK $ 1,190.00
End of Season Sale
Bailey Maternity Embroidered Floral Gown Blushing Blooms

Bailey Gown

Blushing Blooms
HK $ 2,990.00
Bailey Maternity Midi Dress (Blushing Blooms)

Bailey Midi Dress

Blushing Blooms
HK $ 2,700.00
Francesca Maternity Dress in Blush

Francesca Dress

HK $ 1,550.00
Viola Maternity Lace Dress in Blush

Viola Lace Dress

HK $ 2,030.00 now HK $ 710.00
End of Season Sale
Athena Maternity Dress in Orchid Blush

Athena Dress

Orchid Blush
HK $ 2,270.00 now HK $ 590.00
End of Season Sale
Penelope Lace Maternity Gown Vintage Violet

Penelope Gown

Vintage Violet
HK $ 2,990.00 now HK $ 1,430.00
End of Season Sale
Francesca Maternity Maxi Dress Blush

Francesca Maxi Dress

HK $ 1,790.00
Suzie Maternity Dress Short Rose

Suzie Dress

HK $ 1,790.00 now HK $ 590.00
End of Season Sale
April Nursing Lace Dress Blush

April Nursing Dress

HK $ 1,680.00 now HK $ 830.00
End of Season Sale
Freya Maternity Dress Short Orchid Blush

Freya Dress

Orchid Blush
HK $ 2,030.00
Eden Maternity Gown Short Blush

Eden Gown Short

HK $ 2,030.00
Chloe Lace Maternity Dress Orchid Blush

Chloe Lace Dress

Orchid Blush
HK $ 1,680.00 now HK $ 590.00
End of Season Sale
Eden Maternity Gown Long Blush

Eden Gown

HK $ 2,990.00
Amelia Lace Maternity Dress Short (Vintage Rose)

Amelia Dress

Vintage Rose
HK $ 1,430.00