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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Gewinner des Queen’s Award
2013 & 2018
Tiffany Rose Maternity
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Thursday, December 28 2017

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

Shop Tiffany Rose Maternity Dresses at Nordstrom

Your favourite Tiffany Rose dresses are now available to purchase exclusively online at Nordstrom.  Choose from maternity cocktail dresses, pregnant bridal gowns and maternity maxi dresses – perfect for every special occasion from bridal party to baby shower. 

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

Each Tiffany Rose dress is expertly designed in the most glamorous and flattering way.  We understand a woman's body and her changing shape during pregnancy, that's why our customers can order their pre-pregnancy size and know that its soft, curve loving fit will work seamlessly across every trimester. 

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

Discover our award winning range of British-made maternity occasion wear, at Nordstrom today.  

Shop the collection at NORDSTROM here

Tiffany Rose at Nordstrom

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Über Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, dass Sie während Ihrer Schwangerschaft aufregende, elegante, wunderschöne und gut verarbeitete Kleidung tragen können.
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Made in Britain

Tiffany Rose Kleidungsstücke sind Designed and Made in Britain

Die Tiffany Rose Kollektion ist Designed and Made in Britain
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