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Tiffany Rose Maternity
Gewinner des Queen’s Award
2013 & 2018
Tiffany Rose Maternity
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Seidenchiffonbänder in Elfenbein

Seidenchiffonbänder in Elfenbein - A_DIA


Hilfe Zur Grössenbestimmung
Es tut uns leid, diese Entwurf wird nicht mehr verkauft


Für einen Hauch Luxus-Vintage, der jedes Outfit in etwas wirklich Besonderes verwandelt.

Getragen von Holly Willoughby bei Dancing on Ice auf ITV1

Dieser aufwendig und liebevoll mit Diamanten, Perlen und Pailletten gestalte Tiffany Rose Liebling sieht zu fast allem fantastisch aus und ist besonders beliebt bei unseren schwangeren Bräuten.

Die Schärpe sitzt wunderbar unter der Brust, um Ihre Taille zu betonen, und wird mit luxuriösen Seidenbändern im Rücken gebunden, so dass sie immer perfekt anliegt.

Vielseitig einsetzbar: als Gürtel, Halsband und Haarteil oder sogar als Schulterstücke an Ihrem Lieblingspartykleid.

Unsere Diamantschärpe ist auch erhältlich mit Seidenbändern in Blau.

Länge ungefähr 101cm.

Stoff und Pflege

Endstücke können in lauwarmem Wasser per Hand gewaschen werden.

Hand wash sash tails in luke-warm water.
United Kingdom

Hilfe zur Größenbestimmung

Für alle Phasen der Schwangerschaft entworfen.
Für die beste Passform, wählen Sie die Größe die Sie vor Ihrer Schwangerschaft getragen haben.

Breite des Mittelstücks: 7cm
Länge der Bordüre: 52cm
Länge der Endstücke: je 101cm.Für mehr Informationen, nehmen Sie bitten unsere Größentabelle zur Hilfe oder kontaktieren Sie uns.

versand & rückgabe

Standard (5-7 tage): €4.95
Express (2-3 tage): €14.95

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This could not have been an easier transaction. Even from Great Britain, the response to questions on e-mail were almost instantaneous, the delivery, returns and exchanges very efficient, and the products are also high quality and beautiful. My daughter loves her dress and that was very important to me.
Grace D\'Alo, USA  

After spending hours trying to find a dress online and in shops near us, we were delighted to receive the Tiffany Rose dress which arrived promptly, fitted perfectly and was very appropriate for my daughter's civil wedding. Thank you!
Linda Dark Gasmi, Switzerland  

The dress is really good quality and fits well! I also ordered a sash, which was pricey but the details are lovely.
Bernadette Hayward, United Kingdom  

I´m absolutely amazed with the shop´s products and service! I ordered several dresses with the express delivery to Madrid. The dresses and accessories came really fast and I liked them all!! (Had difficulties with choosing only one as all of them were great!) By the way, when I got them, I realized that the sizing advice I had got from the shop was really helpful, if they hadn´t advised me on the sizing, I would have taken a smaller size which then would not have fit me! Their customer service is splendid, they answer you really fast, it´s surprising, really, I haven´t seen customer service like theirs at any other shop. Finally, when I chose the dress and the right accessory and sent back all the rest of the dresses, I got the full refund for the rest. It was very fast. I was tracking the package to know when it got back to the stock because I had been told before that it would take them 2 or 3 days to make the refund. But I got their confirmation about the refund even before I saw it got to their stock in the tracking information! To finalize, I highly recommend Tiffany Rose, their products are great and people who work there are really nice and professional.
Hector Gonzalez, Spain  

The services was great- next day delivery. I ordered the Liberty Wedding Gown with a sparkly belt that looks amazing and emphasis my bump! = very happy bride!
Daisy Martin, United Kingdom  

Sash is beautiful, looks better in real life than on photo. Delivery was immediate - very impressed with everything to do with Tiffany Rose.
Elaine Woollam, France  

The wedding dress I bought was wonderful, delivery and packing excellent. I was very happy about the service and the quality of the dress.
Daniela Hansen, United Kingdom  

Fantastic service! Beautiful dress, even being so heavily pregnant I still felt like a princess. 10/10
Claire Scott, United Kingdom  

Customer service was super helpful. They answered all my questions quickly, thoroughly and will great attitude both before and after the sale. It was my first international order. I intended to buy several dresses, choose one, and return the rest and had many questions and concerns. They handled all of them and made it super easy and worry free. Oh and the dress is beautiful too of course.
Jacquelyn Payson, USA  

Prompt reliable service. Great value
Lisa McIntosh, Australia  

The dress is beautiful! The shipping was FAST and when it got to my door I was so excited to try it on right then and there! The dress is a little big on me but even too big, the dress is a dream!! The way the dress is made, it will be easy to take in. The dress came with a belt, but i ordered a Bling belt to go with it... that arrived with my dress. The belt is BEAUTIFUL with the dress. I LOVE THIS!

Absolutely amazing service! I purchased two dresses to try on in Australia for my wedding day and was given no hassles when it came to returning the one i decided not to wear! I love the Amelia dress that I have ready and waiting for the big day.. I cannot wait to wear it! Thank you :)
Rose Fuhrer, Australia  

love the dress
Joanne Baker, United Kingdom  

Beautiful dresses and speedy service all the way to Australia! I loved my wedding dress so much I got another one for the engagement party :-)
Jyoti Chaku, Australia  

Brilliant service, can't fault it at all!
Joanna Roberts, United Kingdom  

Wedding dress is wonderful! I had 32 weeks pregnancy and the dress fit perfectly! Thank you!
Anatoly Knierel, Germany  

Everything we expected. Gown was perfect. Thanks for making my granddaughter a beautiful bride
Mary Weinstein, USA  

Very helpful staff. Very prompt delivery and very easy to exchange or return if it doesn't fit. Would highly recommend.
Angela Gardner, United Kingdom  

Tiffany Rose has first class customer service.
Jennifer Paterson, Belgium  

Just to let you know... my 'dinner party dress' has arrived and i absolutely LOVE it. Many thanks, I can't wait to wear it now! I have also ordered the art deco sash for my wedding dress - a great fit... I think I'm all set - thanks to you guys, such prompt delivery and EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you again and I will let you know how everybody loved both dresses, because I'm sure they will!
Eva, United Kingdom  

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